Our Services

Perk Solar offers a complete array of some of the best solar PV equipment and services related to solar PV installation. We install battery storage/backup systems which allows for consumption off setting along with backup power systems.


Perk Solar uses Chilicon and Enphase Microinverters.

Central Inverters

Central inverters are cost effective and efficient.

Battery Backup/Storage

Perk Solar works with some of the best battery storage systems in the market. Find out more HERE!

PV Modules

We use highly efficient and cost effective PV modules.

Stantion Supports

One of the most important pieces of equipment in the installation process.

Solar PV Racking

We suggest and use the some of the best racking equipment in the industry.

PV System Monitoring

We make seeing your savings easy with system monitoring from most inverter manufacturers.

Service Upgrade for PV

Some Solar PV System installations can require a main service panel upgrade, Perk Solar can perform this service if needed.

We Can Help Inform You On Solar Energy

We share your interest in what solar panels can do for your home or business, and the large amount of information available today can be overwhelming. Perk Solar can help by providing tailored information based on your specific situation and energy needs. We provide multiple financing options and solar equipment options.